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Ocelotl Analysis Tool

Multidimensional Overviews for Huge Trace Analysis

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Ocelotl is an innovative visualization tool, which provides overviews for execution trace analysis by using a data aggregation technique. This technique enables to find anomalies in huge traces containing up to several billions of events, while keeping a fast computation time and providing a simple representation that does not overload the user.

Ocelotl is integrated into Framesoc, a generic trace management and analysis infrastructure. You can take advantage of the tool bunch provided by Framesoc, and switch from an Ocelotl's overview to more detailed representations once you know where to focus.

Ocelotl Screenshot

You will find here a video showing Ocelotl functionalities:

Ocelotl Analysis Tool

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This is the easiest way to start with Ocelotl. First, download a version of Eclipse. We recommand Eclipse Luna. Then, install Ocelotl in Eclipse using the following procedure:

Quick Setup

Java Heap Issue

In order to be able to use Ocelotl you might need to increase the maximum amount of memory available for the JVM, setting it to at least 4096 MB for best performance. To do this, you need to:

Download the Sources

Alternatively, you may want to work with Ocelotl sources.

List of releases

Follow the wiki to set a developer environment.

Wiki and User Guide

Check our wiki to install, configure and use Ocelotl. A detailed user guide is also available for more details.


Ocelotl is based on the Eclipse framework and it is released under the EPL (Eclipse Public License) v1.0. The legal documentation has been written following the guidelines specified here.

Support and Contact

You can contact us by email:

Damien Dosimont, Youenn Corre, Generoso Pagano (replace -at- by @)

or follow us on github.

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You can subscribe to the Ocelotl user list using this form and post a message to the list members by sending an email to