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Trace Management and Analysis Infrastructure.

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Framesoc Workspace

Framesoc is a generic trace management and analysis infrastructure.

Install Framesoc

Install Eclipse plugin version

To easily start playing with Framesoc, you can install its Eclipse plugin version.

For all the installation and initial configuration details, please see this page.

Get the Sources

Framesoc source code is available on GitHub.

If you want to setup a development environment to hack the code, follow this procedure.

User and Developer Guides

The Framesoc User Guide can be downloaded here.

The Framesoc GitHub wiki pages are available here.


For the developers, several tutorials are also available here.

Supported Trace Formats

We provide importers (installed automatically with the plugin version) for the following trace formats:

Test Traces

You can start playing with Framesoc using the following test traces.

You can import traces using the following procedure:

External modules

Support and Contact

There is a dedicated mailing-list for Framesoc users and developers:

Alternatively, you can contact us directly by email (replace -at- with @):

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Framesoc is based on the Eclipse framework and it is released under the EPL (Eclipse Public License) v 1.0. The legal documentation has been written following the guidelines specified here.